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Chemistry is the ultimate 80s music mixology!

The Golden Age of big hair bands, parachute pants, breakdancing and MTV!

Bringing back the totally tubular sounds of The Motels, Duran Duran, Cutting Crew, Pat Benatar and many more that played on your Boombox!

"Remember the Nights" listening to rad tunes by Missing Persons, Blondie and Tears for Fears?

Come enjoy the ultimate 80s rock and pop experience!

Shoulder pads and Aqua Net not required!

Contact us to perform at your event, concert, festival, party, whatever it may be ... and prepare to hear some Awesome 80s tunes that will bring us all back to a better time.


These are the first eight songs from our demo recording, there is one more on the way as soon as it's mixed. We approached recording these so that it sounds pretty much just as it would if you were standing in the room with us playing live.  The intent wasn't to sound like a polished "studio recording", but we think the songs came out sounding great anyway.  Enjoy!

Remember The Nights (originally recorded by The Motels)

Pleasure And Pain (originally recorded by Divinyls)

Only The Lonely (originally recorded by The Motels)

Walking In LA (originally recorded by Missing Persons)

I've Been In Love Before (originally recorded by Cutting Crew)

Save A Prayer (originally recorded by Duran Duran)

Harden My Heart (originally recorded by Quarterflash)

Planet Earth (originally recorded by Duran Duran)

Chemistry is ...

Ronnie Wildermuth

Lead & Background Vocals, Percussion and the Soulful Voice that brings the Band to Life.

Jeff Wildermuth

Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals and lots of Programming.

Darrin Thorpe

Acoustic & Electronic Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals and the Pounding Rhythm of Our Hearts.

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